Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Clothes, My Roots

I have a better computer now. A desktop with flat screen and good graphic card. Although I did enjoyed my Secondlife with my old lappy but  Secondlife had never been so beautiful to me by using the new computer. I can enable shadows a little. I can see the glitters of the waters and I can see the aurora of lights which most beautiful sims would have. Everything is filling my screen with wonders of human creations.

Enjoying every moment of exploring secondlife with my daughter in real , I did not leave my passion of creating pixel clothings. In my early days of starting to create clothings, I did intend to bring something ethnically related to my origin as a Malay or Malaysian. I had created a few clothes of ethnic but later stopped. It did not sell very well and I need lindens. So my creation became commercial. And it bored me.

I find that if I create something which I do it because of ..just want to do it, like the hijab for example, the result turn out to be satisfactory . If I made something out of cause I want to sell it, it turn out bad.

Now I am having fun creating some traditional clothes of my ethnic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I am lazy ...

At a cafe , I didnt recognize these two characters from Star Wars

Inside a cafe...

I became the Jawas...the cute sand creature from Star Wars. Although I`m not a big fan of Star Wars , I think its kinda cool to have an avatar like the Jawas. So with that avatar , I was traveling from one Star War sim to another...Teleporting from one Tooterinian planet to another..
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