Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fierce Hair

Rumina is a new hair brand in secondlife and releasing lots of fierce edgy kind of hair style. To introduce its brand to SL market, Rumina is giving away dollarbie hair as I am wearing.

Here is a link to Rumina`s marketplace.Yep, the hair is for 1 Linden only.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fifty Friday From Deco

 Get your army jacket for L50 at Deco Available both in male and female version

 More from Deco :

Hair- Listen from Elikatira

Sweater - Wolly pooly red from Deco

Pants - Cargo Pants from Deco

Sneakers- Ligthning bolt from Deco

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Mesh Blouse Dress : Deco 

Mesh Cap with hair : Deco

Mesh pants : Deco

Its not all the time I do rebellious look. But I`m feeling like one tonight. Thanks to Apiz Firehawk for introducing me to the store

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mesh Hijab! FINALLY..

I had been asking designer and builders friends to make me one decent mesh hijab. And finally the very talented Dreaming Button had made one for me!

Well she has yet to release the hijab to her store or market place but soon. So keep your eyes wide cause her mesh hijab is definately something you want to have in your inventory if you wear head gear like me. I love being myself in Secondlife most of the time...So hijab is important to me as a muslim avatar.


Blouse : Zaara Mesh Blouse

Jeans: Maitreya Flare Jeans

Hijab: Not released yet by Dreaming Button

Shoes: Wedges by Celoe

Bag : Yuse Bag by Ricelli

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Deleting Hidayah`s account

I have a premium account in Secondlife named as hidayah resident. I love her cause she bears my name and because ..well she is premium.

The drawback of having hidayah is that , she has been hacked before. Someone was using her to do stuff I did not do. I did not even realized until a friend asked me in such a way that really hurts me. It sounded like I am such a bad person.

At first ,no lindens were stolen so it seems that I was not having a big issue when i reported the crime . Whats the proof? None. If Linden Lab has something like gmail or youtube have, where they can detact if you are logging from a different country, they will ask you. But what if the culprit is from the same country as me? The only reassurance that I get was they will investigate and tell the suspected avatar that she has been suspect of using hidayah. Sound silly right?

Yesterday I received a call from my bank that there was an attempt to charge me for RM 400.00 from! Whaaaaa?..RM 400.00 is way to much if you are guessing its the membership `s renewal payment. The weird thing is that the charge was cancelled and I was charged later with RM 100.00. What is that? NO.. i did not purchase any lindens through my card. I get enough lindens with my sales in Nova.

Enough. Fact has proof one thing for sure that online transaction is not safe for me.It might be for you but not for poor me. Its too sad that I need to delete hidayah, an avatar that bears my name. She dont go out much in Secondlife. She only stay at home but at least I am a premium member with her.

Bye-bye premium membership.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dubai Style for your Muslimah Avi

I am very inspired by two designers of muslimah clothings in real. Hanna Tajima and Rabia Z are both trend-setter for modest clothing.

I didnt create the mesh top and pants but I did textured them. This design is actually for myself. However , it is made available at marketplace[category_id]&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=dubai+suit

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Its not all about meshing

cardigan cream

cardigan pink

shabby chic cardigan

So okay not everyone can see mesh. That is what some of my friends said to me when they are using viewer without mesh enable. All that can see is my body half naked but whew covered with alpha (invisible) and I`m would be always bald to them.

I cant help it. I mean when I find out more choices on mesh outfit especially the one that I can wear modestly , I could not detach myself from meshing around.

Never fear to my disable-mesh viewer friends cause I still create the outfits in prims and sculpty era.

You can find the lace cardigans at marketplace cause I dont have any store in world anymore. Here is the link

They come in 4 pastel colors with jacket and shirt layers.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Loose and Long Sleeve Mesh,please!

I `m not good at creating mesh although I have tried. I was motivated to learn to create mesh cause it is hard to find non-fitting blouse with long sleeve.

But when my friend , a great designer and creator of mesh, Nyunyu Kimono made this babydoll dress, I was so excited. First, it is minimal which suit me and Nyu create lots of minimalist fashion. Her store is my favourite now. Second, it come in two cute pastel colors which are baby blue and light pink in one purchase. Totally me. Minimalist and softy.
The third reason that this babydoll dress had made me happy is it is very loose below the hips and with long sleeves. Perfect to wear with hijab as according to Islamic ways.

See? I match Qisreen hijab from Timbaktu Inc in peachy orangy color and with a loose mesh pants.

Nyu, thanks for making the dress that I can wear especially as a hijabi.Muah!

The baby doll dress can be found in this store

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Set From Timbaktu Inc

Summer set include a bare back dress and a floppy hat. Teleport to the store here

Ice Cream Hair

Hair is from LelutkaLink

Greek Shirt

Baistice Sunah Skirt

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


spring budget look collabra8

Glam affair ember mesh dress is only for 88L at Collabor88. Tp to here

The bag I found in market place for 5L here

Sunglasses is free at marketplace here

Monday, June 11, 2012


Shadows at our feet

Sunglasses and shawls

sunglasses and shawl

Jonathan is wearing a kurta from Zaara and shawl from Bare Rose

I am wearing Firdous tunic from Bilo and a shawl from Zaara

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mesh Saree from Boli

Click image for bigger view

I am not fan of Hindustani film because most of the part where involve the fight between the heroes and the bad guys- the hero will always win. Like if he is alone fighting with 50 bad guys armed with machine guns, he will get away with it. And most Hindustani film are typical. Love stories, love between two classes which has lots of challenges. My mom love those kind of Hindi films from Bollywood.

I dont mind watching with my mon. One of the things I like about Hindi film is they potray their rich cultural in it. I think only with Bollywood films that you can see so many colours,dances,songs and people. I mean for one song you have like 30 people in it. And a film might have like 10 songs! Whew.

So I was inspired by Devdas film. I think it is one of the most beautiful film i had ever seen. The song was beautiful and the image showing were fab. I try to make out an outfit that Paro was wearing when she sing about her love one, Devdas

The Sari is mesh. And it is fantastic. My shape is not a standard sizing for mesh but it fit me perfectly. I bought the choli..the skirt and the upper drape separetely cause I notice Paro wear different colors. Oh Zaara is having 50% sales so I grab some bangles and nose earring.

So my love my Devdas..come to me, your Paro..mere piya..

Mesh Sari(Chandramukhi) from Boli

Bangles : Zaara

Nose Earring: Zaara

Hair (Amanda Black)-Magika

Steampunk Victorian

Yeah the picture is too small but please click the picture for bigger view. Anyway, I was looking for some outfit that is different than others. And I had enough with mesh dresses .

I did saw Indyra Originals designs and had been meaning to buy this Sia Fog outfit cause it is so bad ass kinda attitude but still look elegant.

Being a designer myself..I have to shout out loud for those who havent bought this outfit..the texture is briliant. I love all about the outfit. Except that I wish I can cover my belly and the legging are not so transparent so that I could also wear with my hijab.

The hair is a new design from Wasabi Pills called Claire. I bought it cause I have the exact hair cut in real. I love short hair!

The boots are from Gos. I know many people had bought the boots already but I have to shout again..Gos footwear had never dissapointed me. I love the hud that allow me to change the type of heels

The sim where I took the picture is so perfect for snapshot cause it is so realistic. I spend almost an hour there just to look around.

Suit- Sia Fog -by Indyra Seigo

Hair-Mesh by Wasabi Pills available at Fameshed here

Picture taken at Legacies

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Items is selling at marketplace

I received more IMs again from customers who come to my previous land looking for my clothings. I truly appreciate your search for me. Even if you are mad at me for not updating my Picks!..Thank you so much for being so loyal.

I still have my items in marketplace. Here is the link . I rarely had time to design. When I say design..I am looking forward to do something from scratch. And not just take some template from other creator..paste some texture and then call myself as a designer.

I used to bought lots of mesh full perms and just paste my own texture. My favourite mesh creator is Meli Imako. However I realized later that I could not call myself as an SL designer if all I did was made my own texture and pasted them to what Meli had created.

And lately I have seen a lot of people who call themselves as designer by using the full perm template. They became an SL designer at instant . Unlike the fully dedicated mesh creator and designer - Celeo ,Lelutka, Mon Tissu ..these instant so called designers just pasted some patterns on the object and sell it cheap.

I had stopped selling designs which I use from full perm template for mesh. The main reason : TOO MUCH of mesh full perm template had been used by "designers" whom had bought them from the same mesh creator.

So what if I cant create mesh. I will keep on designing with those prims :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letting go

It is not easy for me to let go off this land. I had been a renter to Maxstudio for almost 2 years. Starting from a small kiosk at Lim`s tiki hut for 80L perweek . Then bussiness in SL goes very well and I then later rented 512x512 land. Few months back , I extend the parcel to 3 plot of land.

But I have to admit the fact that with the disability to made video at the moment...I could not afford to rent lands or even a land.

Land is much a better asset than a lover in It stays and never changed unless the landlord goes bankrupt in SL. Land would not whine if you ignore it for months. Land would not leave if you have nothing. It will stay there as long as you pay the rent. If you commercialize the land , it will give you income.

I looked at the land one more time before I clicked on the return button to all my prims on it. I saw Lim in afk mode , hanging on the air. He must have forgotten to land while he was flying around his sim and went to afk.

I will miss the land so much. Yes I know it is just some grid or pixel but you have no idea how much memories that lay beneaths it. If you are looking for land to rent in Lim Pikajuna. He is the best landlord that you could find in SL. His land is well maintain. No lagg and cheap. Class 5.

Still have my store in marketplace.

Now I am a hobo without a house. Let see who will stay in the circle. People always come and go.

Monday, May 14, 2012

No More Store In-World


Timbaktu Inc will close it store in-world but will maintain the online store in Marketplace. The main reason is that my time in Secondlife is reducing and I hardly design that much. My daughter is growing and need more attention with her school work. I could not focus that much on designing. I see myself mostly AFK in-world. Then come the real work and career. I just received the news today. Will be promoted next month means will be more work to do. I would be really tired to log into Secondlife everyday like I used to. I dont like the promotion because it is too soon for me.

However, I will log in once a while in Secondlife to see if friends that are close to my heart online. Or maybe to go to English classes cause I always need to brush up my English. And I will still do some videos when my computer is fixed.

So meanwhile, before I hand over the land back to tauke Lim , I had place some camping stuff over there. Just playing around with my stuff that I bought.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother Day`s Special Group Gift

Please join the group and activate the tag . By touching the vendor you will receive this Black Pua Kumbu Dress

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank you for being there

Waiting for you..

 I feel mushy wooshi. Silly always.However this is a very special dedication to certain people that I have met in Secondlife. Feel like I am about to win an award or something when I drafted this post..hahah.

Anyways..first and foremost. Thank you to my loyal customers who keep on buying my designs especially the hijabs. I would not keep on logging  and designing stuff in SL if not because of my customers keep on buying.I am now gathering all the names of the avatars that had bought stuff from me. I need to made a very special V.I.P gift. I almost give up creating and designing but the IMs or notecards asking when I would made new hijabs or modest clothings make me change my mind. You have no idea how you had keep me motivated , my dear lovely customers.

And secondly to Manaaf (sorry dude, you are no.2 ..nothing personal its just bussiness)..If it is not because of you and also Maya Sharpshire who pick me up from the street after I had run away from my vampire clan ( I joined the Scarlett Thorn within 14 days as a noob and quitted after 1 week inside the clan..) and teach me how to do some business in  SL, I think I would not find what is the excitement in SL that can make me stay. Manaaf, you are always there to inspire me and truly a very good friend. Unlike me, who always detach personal emotional feeling , you will always treasured our friendship throughout these years. You will find them if they run away. I really learn something from you..Learn to keep the friendship . And I feel the sweetness of the friendship when I met you and your wife Lenny in real. I feel so close to both of you.

And to my Malaysian friends- Lim, Kaera , Aldina, Apiz, Juan, Rock etc..I dont know WHEN can we make a special  gathering to meet with each other in real. I mean come many of us here in SL and we all are so nearby to each other? We need to do the gathering soon. You are among the Malaysian friends who avoid drama and I am grateful especially to Lim who keeps on giving me opportunity to do bussiness in SL with my video.

Friends and family of Cypris Chat Village . Cypris is very close to my heart although I am not much active as I used to be . In Cypris I met my lovely sister in Islam Mero and Dana. I met Mystie, Professor, Basho and many more.These people are among person who feed you with amazement.

And  now to lovey dovey and romantic mood...(love song pleaseee!) To that new special platonic partner of mine....(faint sound of piano playing the tune "Love Letter"in the background)..or did we just go to the next level?I would really like to thank you for your willingness and  efforts to make it work. In my most romantic imagination , you are like the safety pins to the baby diapers..(background sound: record scratch). I am so glad that Linden Lab has put the partner box only in generic terms. You made me laugh in real and tears with your jokes. Made me smile until i hurt my face when I listen to your happy stories and ached my heart when I listened to the sad ones.Corrected my bad pronunciation when I speak so that I now sound like an Aussie cause you are an Aussie in this rp. Teach me new words each day.."platonic..real fake real.." I am so glad that I had asked your help.

oh my back!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Because its beautiful

My desktop background.

*okay back to work...stop browsing.Lots of agreement to do. ..*

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Timbaktu Island Rentals

(Rental Type : SERI)

Here is something new at Timbaktu Island. I am very happy to announce that Timbaktu Island is officially opening for private skyboxes. There are different types of skyboxes that you can choose from.

There is no restriction on using these skyboxes. You can have it as commercial store or your own home. I can as well provide the skyboxes fully furnished if asked.

All rentals starting from 100L

IM: Nova2009 Avril in world/notecard

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sometimes..You need to let go the past


Sometimes I love to read my friends blogs ,websites ,FB, flickr or tumblr.
Its like a canvas..all the paintings of feelings are there;
When I was left wondering what is this particular person
is thinking or feeling;
But words in IM or even voice could not transpire the truth;
I would go to the their blogs,website , flickr or tumblr;
I`ll know whats is going on.

Especially with pictures;
Pictures gives more story than words;

Then you know how to react too;
I`m glad my instincts are correct all this while;
And I `m relieve that I had let go my past memory too;
I was holding to it for no reason.

Timbaktu Inc will also changes it name soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Both are mesh so you need mesh enable viewer. The top are separated from the skirt so that you can wear the top with other clothing like pants. But please dont wear this short dress when visiting your future-mother-in law..just sayin ya know

Tp to my main store here

For 99L only..

Error in Market Place

Since the introduction of the direct delivery from the inventory , a lot of problem occurs in market place transaction. I received complaints from my clients that they could not buy from marketplace.

What I can do to offer you to buy my clothing are as follows :

1) Please logged into SL and teleport to my store in world..the price is the same with what I am selling in Marketplace.please teleport here (

2) And if you are in SL you can always IM me if you dont want to move from your spot..I can deliver the item that you had paid..add me Nova2009 Avril

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Summer 2012: Sequin & Lace

These gowns are now on the shelf at my main store here

I am also having a free group gift at my store now together with a one linden summer outfit.

Don`t miss the March gift and every month there will be a new group gift for loyal members.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Marketplace:Kaera Pink Lace Gown

You can buy at Secondlife Marketplace here

Marketplace: Kaera Nude Creamy Dress

This creamy nude kaera lace dress is in marketplace here

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012- Kaera Lace Gowns

I`m a person with simple mind and I guess still need to learn more on texturing my designs.

But the point is..! I just love simplicity. Not a minimalist but simple is just too elegant for me. Crowded stuff makes me suffocated.

You can find the dress here

at Timbaktu Inc main store

or to my affiliates store here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shabby Chic Lace Cardigan is on the shelf


This shabby lace cardigan is perfect for shabby chic fashion lovers and modest clothings ( although my friend Cookie said she only will wear with

You can find this at my main store at the moment and shall be available at other outlet. Please take the cab to here
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