Thursday, May 31, 2012

Items is selling at marketplace

I received more IMs again from customers who come to my previous land looking for my clothings. I truly appreciate your search for me. Even if you are mad at me for not updating my Picks!..Thank you so much for being so loyal.

I still have my items in marketplace. Here is the link . I rarely had time to design. When I say design..I am looking forward to do something from scratch. And not just take some template from other creator..paste some texture and then call myself as a designer.

I used to bought lots of mesh full perms and just paste my own texture. My favourite mesh creator is Meli Imako. However I realized later that I could not call myself as an SL designer if all I did was made my own texture and pasted them to what Meli had created.

And lately I have seen a lot of people who call themselves as designer by using the full perm template. They became an SL designer at instant . Unlike the fully dedicated mesh creator and designer - Celeo ,Lelutka, Mon Tissu ..these instant so called designers just pasted some patterns on the object and sell it cheap.

I had stopped selling designs which I use from full perm template for mesh. The main reason : TOO MUCH of mesh full perm template had been used by "designers" whom had bought them from the same mesh creator.

So what if I cant create mesh. I will keep on designing with those prims :)

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