Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dubai Style for your Muslimah Avi

I am very inspired by two designers of muslimah clothings in real. Hanna Tajima and Rabia Z are both trend-setter for modest clothing.

I didnt create the mesh top and pants but I did textured them. This design is actually for myself. However , it is made available at marketplace[category_id]&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=dubai+suit

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Its not all about meshing

cardigan cream

cardigan pink

shabby chic cardigan

So okay not everyone can see mesh. That is what some of my friends said to me when they are using viewer without mesh enable. All that can see is my body half naked but whew covered with alpha (invisible) and I`m would be always bald to them.

I cant help it. I mean when I find out more choices on mesh outfit especially the one that I can wear modestly , I could not detach myself from meshing around.

Never fear to my disable-mesh viewer friends cause I still create the outfits in prims and sculpty era.

You can find the lace cardigans at marketplace cause I dont have any store in world anymore. Here is the link

They come in 4 pastel colors with jacket and shirt layers.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Loose and Long Sleeve Mesh,please!

I `m not good at creating mesh although I have tried. I was motivated to learn to create mesh cause it is hard to find non-fitting blouse with long sleeve.

But when my friend , a great designer and creator of mesh, Nyunyu Kimono made this babydoll dress, I was so excited. First, it is minimal which suit me and Nyu create lots of minimalist fashion. Her store is my favourite now. Second, it come in two cute pastel colors which are baby blue and light pink in one purchase. Totally me. Minimalist and softy.
The third reason that this babydoll dress had made me happy is it is very loose below the hips and with long sleeves. Perfect to wear with hijab as according to Islamic ways.

See? I match Qisreen hijab from Timbaktu Inc in peachy orangy color and with a loose mesh pants.

Nyu, thanks for making the dress that I can wear especially as a hijabi.Muah!

The baby doll dress can be found in this store

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Set From Timbaktu Inc

Summer set include a bare back dress and a floppy hat. Teleport to the store here

Ice Cream Hair

Hair is from LelutkaLink

Greek Shirt

Baistice Sunah Skirt

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


spring budget look collabra8

Glam affair ember mesh dress is only for 88L at Collabor88. Tp to here

The bag I found in market place for 5L here

Sunglasses is free at marketplace here

Monday, June 11, 2012


Shadows at our feet

Sunglasses and shawls

sunglasses and shawl

Jonathan is wearing a kurta from Zaara and shawl from Bare Rose

I am wearing Firdous tunic from Bilo and a shawl from Zaara

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mesh Saree from Boli

Click image for bigger view

I am not fan of Hindustani film because most of the part where involve the fight between the heroes and the bad guys- the hero will always win. Like if he is alone fighting with 50 bad guys armed with machine guns, he will get away with it. And most Hindustani film are typical. Love stories, love between two classes which has lots of challenges. My mom love those kind of Hindi films from Bollywood.

I dont mind watching with my mon. One of the things I like about Hindi film is they potray their rich cultural in it. I think only with Bollywood films that you can see so many colours,dances,songs and people. I mean for one song you have like 30 people in it. And a film might have like 10 songs! Whew.

So I was inspired by Devdas film. I think it is one of the most beautiful film i had ever seen. The song was beautiful and the image showing were fab. I try to make out an outfit that Paro was wearing when she sing about her love one, Devdas

The Sari is mesh. And it is fantastic. My shape is not a standard sizing for mesh but it fit me perfectly. I bought the choli..the skirt and the upper drape separetely cause I notice Paro wear different colors. Oh Zaara is having 50% sales so I grab some bangles and nose earring.

So my love my Devdas..come to me, your Paro..mere piya..

Mesh Sari(Chandramukhi) from Boli

Bangles : Zaara

Nose Earring: Zaara

Hair (Amanda Black)-Magika

Steampunk Victorian

Yeah the picture is too small but please click the picture for bigger view. Anyway, I was looking for some outfit that is different than others. And I had enough with mesh dresses .

I did saw Indyra Originals designs and had been meaning to buy this Sia Fog outfit cause it is so bad ass kinda attitude but still look elegant.

Being a designer myself..I have to shout out loud for those who havent bought this outfit..the texture is briliant. I love all about the outfit. Except that I wish I can cover my belly and the legging are not so transparent so that I could also wear with my hijab.

The hair is a new design from Wasabi Pills called Claire. I bought it cause I have the exact hair cut in real. I love short hair!

The boots are from Gos. I know many people had bought the boots already but I have to shout again..Gos footwear had never dissapointed me. I love the hud that allow me to change the type of heels

The sim where I took the picture is so perfect for snapshot cause it is so realistic. I spend almost an hour there just to look around.

Suit- Sia Fog -by Indyra Seigo

Hair-Mesh by Wasabi Pills available at Fameshed here

Picture taken at Legacies

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