Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mesh Saree from Boli

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I am not fan of Hindustani film because most of the part where involve the fight between the heroes and the bad guys- the hero will always win. Like if he is alone fighting with 50 bad guys armed with machine guns, he will get away with it. And most Hindustani film are typical. Love stories, love between two classes which has lots of challenges. My mom love those kind of Hindi films from Bollywood.

I dont mind watching with my mon. One of the things I like about Hindi film is they potray their rich cultural in it. I think only with Bollywood films that you can see so many colours,dances,songs and people. I mean for one song you have like 30 people in it. And a film might have like 10 songs! Whew.

So I was inspired by Devdas film. I think it is one of the most beautiful film i had ever seen. The song was beautiful and the image showing were fab. I try to make out an outfit that Paro was wearing when she sing about her love one, Devdas

The Sari is mesh. And it is fantastic. My shape is not a standard sizing for mesh but it fit me perfectly. I bought the choli..the skirt and the upper drape separetely cause I notice Paro wear different colors. Oh Zaara is having 50% sales so I grab some bangles and nose earring.

So my love my Devdas..come to me, your Paro..mere piya..

Mesh Sari(Chandramukhi) from Boli

Bangles : Zaara

Nose Earring: Zaara

Hair (Amanda Black)-Magika


Saree Draping Styles said...

Really superb blog this is.

I really enjoyed it. Great things you have observed and discussed in the blog about PARO,CHANDRAMUKHI & ZARA.

I think ZARA from VEER-ZARA, right???

Nur Hidayah said...

Hi Saree,

Thanks for the comments..Devdas is a good Hindustani movie.

Zaara in my post is a virtual brand fashion in a virtual world community callled Secondlife.

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