Thursday, May 31, 2012

Items is selling at marketplace

I received more IMs again from customers who come to my previous land looking for my clothings. I truly appreciate your search for me. Even if you are mad at me for not updating my Picks!..Thank you so much for being so loyal.

I still have my items in marketplace. Here is the link . I rarely had time to design. When I say design..I am looking forward to do something from scratch. And not just take some template from other creator..paste some texture and then call myself as a designer.

I used to bought lots of mesh full perms and just paste my own texture. My favourite mesh creator is Meli Imako. However I realized later that I could not call myself as an SL designer if all I did was made my own texture and pasted them to what Meli had created.

And lately I have seen a lot of people who call themselves as designer by using the full perm template. They became an SL designer at instant . Unlike the fully dedicated mesh creator and designer - Celeo ,Lelutka, Mon Tissu ..these instant so called designers just pasted some patterns on the object and sell it cheap.

I had stopped selling designs which I use from full perm template for mesh. The main reason : TOO MUCH of mesh full perm template had been used by "designers" whom had bought them from the same mesh creator.

So what if I cant create mesh. I will keep on designing with those prims :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letting go

It is not easy for me to let go off this land. I had been a renter to Maxstudio for almost 2 years. Starting from a small kiosk at Lim`s tiki hut for 80L perweek . Then bussiness in SL goes very well and I then later rented 512x512 land. Few months back , I extend the parcel to 3 plot of land.

But I have to admit the fact that with the disability to made video at the moment...I could not afford to rent lands or even a land.

Land is much a better asset than a lover in It stays and never changed unless the landlord goes bankrupt in SL. Land would not whine if you ignore it for months. Land would not leave if you have nothing. It will stay there as long as you pay the rent. If you commercialize the land , it will give you income.

I looked at the land one more time before I clicked on the return button to all my prims on it. I saw Lim in afk mode , hanging on the air. He must have forgotten to land while he was flying around his sim and went to afk.

I will miss the land so much. Yes I know it is just some grid or pixel but you have no idea how much memories that lay beneaths it. If you are looking for land to rent in Lim Pikajuna. He is the best landlord that you could find in SL. His land is well maintain. No lagg and cheap. Class 5.

Still have my store in marketplace.

Now I am a hobo without a house. Let see who will stay in the circle. People always come and go.

Monday, May 14, 2012

No More Store In-World


Timbaktu Inc will close it store in-world but will maintain the online store in Marketplace. The main reason is that my time in Secondlife is reducing and I hardly design that much. My daughter is growing and need more attention with her school work. I could not focus that much on designing. I see myself mostly AFK in-world. Then come the real work and career. I just received the news today. Will be promoted next month means will be more work to do. I would be really tired to log into Secondlife everyday like I used to. I dont like the promotion because it is too soon for me.

However, I will log in once a while in Secondlife to see if friends that are close to my heart online. Or maybe to go to English classes cause I always need to brush up my English. And I will still do some videos when my computer is fixed.

So meanwhile, before I hand over the land back to tauke Lim , I had place some camping stuff over there. Just playing around with my stuff that I bought.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother Day`s Special Group Gift

Please join the group and activate the tag . By touching the vendor you will receive this Black Pua Kumbu Dress

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