Monday, May 14, 2012

No More Store In-World


Timbaktu Inc will close it store in-world but will maintain the online store in Marketplace. The main reason is that my time in Secondlife is reducing and I hardly design that much. My daughter is growing and need more attention with her school work. I could not focus that much on designing. I see myself mostly AFK in-world. Then come the real work and career. I just received the news today. Will be promoted next month means will be more work to do. I would be really tired to log into Secondlife everyday like I used to. I dont like the promotion because it is too soon for me.

However, I will log in once a while in Secondlife to see if friends that are close to my heart online. Or maybe to go to English classes cause I always need to brush up my English. And I will still do some videos when my computer is fixed.

So meanwhile, before I hand over the land back to tauke Lim , I had place some camping stuff over there. Just playing around with my stuff that I bought.


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