Monday, November 28, 2011

New Design New Store New Landmark

Please be informed that I have moved my small store at Max Studio to a similar sim but different location to here updated store landmarks on 11.12.2011 . There are one new design of Javanese Dancer Outfit which come in 3 colors. It also have the accessories.

Here is the video of my Machinima for the outfit. If you need video for your SL wedding, SL modeling profile, do give me notecard..I am having promotion for  that new business of mine.

So send me notecard to Nova2009 Avril..anytime.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

50L Rental at Timbaktu Island


Now I am not trying to be another landlord multimillionaire in Secondlife. Hardly could afford 512 square feet of land but I like to buy decorative stuff..and I dont have lands.So i bought a land to play around with my decorative stuff. Make senses? Pretty silly , I know. So I have this piece of small land and now renting out for 50L. It can be your privacy skybox or commercial little store. I know there are many creative builders or designers in Secondlife out there who could not afford store or shops ( which are actually square boxes with hideous paste on textuyre) for 200L over and end up with prims of like 50 only? It is a bloodsucking bussiness. So what I do is, if anyone of you who would like to try out to place your own marketplace magik box and dont have a land , you can place them at Timbaktu Island with affordable (really low price) rent.

Skybox Type A- Non-furnished with non decorative wall. You can add your own furnitures according to the prims limits

Skybox Type B - Fully furnished- with animated bed and couch. Warm Fireplace and a table. You just move in. I can also provide you with non-decorative wall.

So my small monkey box Island at the moment is like 2 in one . Above above the sky are the sky box and while down below will be the commercial spot. And oh, I dont do traffic booster as it is not my intention to do so.

Just hit me by a notecard (since my IM is always delivery capped) to Nova2009 Avril or Qisreen Elton

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Secondlife Malaysia Dancer- Cindai

When I known of the existence of Secondlife` Machinima during my noob days . I was and still am fascinated by how creative the resident of Secondlife . I keep on dreaming to have at least a decent video of Malaysian tradition in Secondlife.
After searching for suitable animation , gathering some friends and learn some stuff about recording the computer screen , I FINALLY ...produce a simple video of a Malay Traditional Dance.  It was not exactly a Malay Dance animation. Our folks dance have yet gain its popularity like Japanese or Chinese Dance in Secondlife. I doubt it will ever be created unless there is a person who have the gadgets to create a fine animation of Malay Dance Folk interested in selling it.
So , with Nieve Thor, Natasja Schuman, Kaera Whiteberry and two hawt guys - Adi and Mr.Snow , we danced to a very popular traditional song called Cindai by Dato` Siti Nurhaliza. There are a lot of good selection of folks song but I decided to use Cindai. Cindai is known as a great masterpiece of modern contemporary traditional Malay songs . The lyrics is a beautiful heavy literature which did sparks controversial a few years ago that Cindai is to be said a very "ghostly" song. For example if you start to sing in the middle of the night of its `st lyric "Cindai lah mana...(Which Cindai is it..?)- there will be an answer by a women`s voice "Cindai di sini...(Cindai is here..). Cindai which is also known as a very fine expensive fabric , have a different meaning for a banshee (pontianak)

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