Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Secondlife Malaysia Dancer- Cindai

When I known of the existence of Secondlife` Machinima during my noob days . I was and still am fascinated by how creative the resident of Secondlife . I keep on dreaming to have at least a decent video of Malaysian tradition in Secondlife.
After searching for suitable animation , gathering some friends and learn some stuff about recording the computer screen , I FINALLY ...produce a simple video of a Malay Traditional Dance.  It was not exactly a Malay Dance animation. Our folks dance have yet gain its popularity like Japanese or Chinese Dance in Secondlife. I doubt it will ever be created unless there is a person who have the gadgets to create a fine animation of Malay Dance Folk interested in selling it.
So , with Nieve Thor, Natasja Schuman, Kaera Whiteberry and two hawt guys - Adi and Mr.Snow , we danced to a very popular traditional song called Cindai by Dato` Siti Nurhaliza. There are a lot of good selection of folks song but I decided to use Cindai. Cindai is known as a great masterpiece of modern contemporary traditional Malay songs . The lyrics is a beautiful heavy literature which did sparks controversial a few years ago that Cindai is to be said a very "ghostly" song. For example if you start to sing in the middle of the night of its `st lyric "Cindai lah mana...(Which Cindai is it..?)- there will be an answer by a women`s voice "Cindai di sini...(Cindai is here..). Cindai which is also known as a very fine expensive fabric , have a different meaning for a banshee (pontianak)

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