Tuesday, November 8, 2011

50L Rental at Timbaktu Island


Now I am not trying to be another landlord multimillionaire in Secondlife. Hardly could afford 512 square feet of land but I like to buy decorative stuff..and I dont have lands.So i bought a land to play around with my decorative stuff. Make senses? Pretty silly , I know. So I have this piece of small land and now renting out for 50L. It can be your privacy skybox or commercial little store. I know there are many creative builders or designers in Secondlife out there who could not afford store or shops ( which are actually square boxes with hideous paste on textuyre) for 200L over and end up with prims of like 50 only? It is a bloodsucking bussiness. So what I do is, if anyone of you who would like to try out to place your own marketplace magik box and dont have a land , you can place them at Timbaktu Island with affordable (really low price) rent.

Skybox Type A- Non-furnished with non decorative wall. You can add your own furnitures according to the prims limits

Skybox Type B - Fully furnished- with animated bed and couch. Warm Fireplace and a table. You just move in. I can also provide you with non-decorative wall.

So my small monkey box Island at the moment is like 2 in one . Above above the sky are the sky box and while down below will be the commercial spot. And oh, I dont do traffic booster as it is not my intention to do so.

Just hit me by a notecard (since my IM is always delivery capped) to Nova2009 Avril or Qisreen Elton

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