Saturday, July 23, 2011

Away , Busy Mode and Flu Mode

I made a ring besides the hijab/cloche as accesories.
Old Berlin gift- An antique car
I know how to bring my avatar`s eyes to the centre!
Aouki showing his store which is according to him, people will move in the store in Aouki style.

I had the feeling that I will caught flu but I ignored it. My avatar Nova was online all the time while I slept with my daughter. I woke up and saw lots of IM. One of it was from Aouki. Known him almost for 2 years, I could not say that he is a close friends. We were in the Tora Samurai clan together and he was really good at sparring. We seldom IMs . But once in a while when he has a building to do and need opinion he would just IM me and teleport to see his build.

Later, Wallstreet teleported me to the new subways he had build. I did not get any picture cause it was to laggy for me. And Maria is back , yay. After a long vacation I finally met her.

Back to designing , see the velvet orange dress. That dress is the 1st pixel clothings that i really draw fully. Meaning I made the fabric by hand. I did not take from any picture. I am very proud of it. It really turned out to be as soft as I wanted. It was so hard to find a fabric like that in the internet so i finally decided to draw my own fabric. And voila! Not bad huh for a noob? The outfit comes in 2 version. One is with longer skirt and the other is with upper ankle skirt. Oh i love the belt. Satisfied of doing it really. And see the roses at the cloche/hijab ? Arent they sweet? The hijab is a modern kind of hijab inspired by women Malaysia who are so into that kinda hijab.

Since it has the 1920`s look , I tped myself to Old Berlin project sim and look what i got as a gift? An antique car. Good for photoshoot.

Then Mystie IMed for Cypris host meeting. I logged off and logged in as Qisreen ( No it is not complicated- no double personality-:P ) I stay for 1/2 hour and I had to logged off because finally my temprature increased. Phew.

See if you would like to purchase the dress, it is in Timbaktu Inc store, Downtown New York City

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whats your lucky number?

Hello lovelies,

So i have put 3 lucky letter board just for fun cause sometimes I see people like to hang out at the sofa in the store. And I thought it would be nice while they chat and talk at the sofa, and their letters come up! Just for fun I had also posted up a gift to all my subscribers to my group. Just touch the sub-o-matic and look into history if you have not subcribed to my group yet. I send out a dress that I really like designing it.

The lucky letter boards are in Timbaktu Inc Downtown New York city. I did not put any at Malaysia prim due to prim limits. Have fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Design : Ramadhan Outfit


This coming Ramadhan (Holy month of fasting for muslim), I will start to design more on the fashion that I like to do most- modest stylish . Which is me.

Modest style does not only cater for the muslim avatar. Almost 2 years in designing pixel clothes , I had a few loyal clients who came from various background looking for modest and stylish but yet humble looking clothes for their avatars. I have a strict catholic client who says she wanted her avatar to wear what she wears in real. Less revealing clothes. She found my store when searching for the words "modest" in marketplace. I did put the key words "modest " in my market place information for the one which is modest.

And the hijab. I am not surprise to see that many of my clients who purchased the hijabs comes from Gorean RP background. It does not fit the purpose I did the hijab but it was interesting to know . However , I will try my best to design hijabs that shows the real meaning of wearing hijab and that a muslim lady like me also wears stylish clothings with stylish hijabs. That is what I wear in real now. So I wont be making any Black Burqa with high split to show the or Abaya.

So be hold of another stylish muslimah apparel on the grid (as I know Sakinah store also have the same collection.,..her is great!)...;)

The Ramadhan Outfit is only available at Timbaktu Store at Downtown New York city

Missing Mirage

Making a report to officer Buddyfox Avon of a missing person, my sales girl Mirage SecretSpy. I realized she was no where to be seen lately. She has not been working in the store for a week. She could be in danger. In the hands of a murderer. Serial murderer!! Gosh!

Luckily good looking Sergeant Buddyfox Avon was there. Standing strong ready to protect the sim...while munching some donuts of course. I found out from him that Mirage was seen heading to an office with a guy. What was she doing at the office when her work is waiting for her, I wonder.


Sim for photoshoot - Downtown Newyork City

Nova`s outfit - Ramadhan Hijab and Outfit from Timbaktu Inc.

Buddyfox Avon uniform- Vidal

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Design : Summer Checkered Top Babe

When a client asked me to do a summer outfit inspired on the Korean Pop Band, I had to browse through their youtube. Honestly , I really like the colors of the clothes in all the videos and I think that is actually the attraction. Fun, vibrant, colourful and of course pastel colors. A friend even say after seeing the design I made, it looks very 50s.

So if you like this cute outfit, tp to Timbaktu Inc store at New York City or Malaysia sim.

Enjoy your summer around the grid ya!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mirage..the new girl

She is the new model and sales representative in Timbaktu Inc store at New York City. She have been working just for a week but she has been flirting with the cops across the street. Have to keep an eye on her. Don`t want the boys not focusing on securing NYC.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Timbaktu Inc at Downtown New York

Never had I imagined that I would design and place my creations in a beautiful city like Downtown New York or at Malaysia sim near the beautiful water.I design because of passion of creating pattern for pixel clothing in secondlife.

So here is Timbaktu Inc at Downtown New York. You can have a tp here .

The texture of the shop , flooring and display were created by Javabox Kawanishi. It makes my clothes shine. It look so warm and cosy and soft. Ambient that I would always feel comfortable to be with.

The decoration gives me more ideas to design.

The city has a lot of place to hang out. I had tped some friends Mero, Dong, emoralis and Zhang to have voice chat at a cafe near Timbaktu Inc store.

Come over and see for yourself

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nova and Corv Gig at Malaysia Sim

We finally make it happen! Our 1st gig on Malaysia sim. For further information on show booking contact Lim Pikajuna (Lim juga terbabit...haha) We played some of Malaysia favorite songs like "Joget Jodoh Tak Sampai ", "Caklampong" and "A little Squirrel (Sekor Anok Tupa)"
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