Saturday, July 23, 2011

Away , Busy Mode and Flu Mode

I made a ring besides the hijab/cloche as accesories.
Old Berlin gift- An antique car
I know how to bring my avatar`s eyes to the centre!
Aouki showing his store which is according to him, people will move in the store in Aouki style.

I had the feeling that I will caught flu but I ignored it. My avatar Nova was online all the time while I slept with my daughter. I woke up and saw lots of IM. One of it was from Aouki. Known him almost for 2 years, I could not say that he is a close friends. We were in the Tora Samurai clan together and he was really good at sparring. We seldom IMs . But once in a while when he has a building to do and need opinion he would just IM me and teleport to see his build.

Later, Wallstreet teleported me to the new subways he had build. I did not get any picture cause it was to laggy for me. And Maria is back , yay. After a long vacation I finally met her.

Back to designing , see the velvet orange dress. That dress is the 1st pixel clothings that i really draw fully. Meaning I made the fabric by hand. I did not take from any picture. I am very proud of it. It really turned out to be as soft as I wanted. It was so hard to find a fabric like that in the internet so i finally decided to draw my own fabric. And voila! Not bad huh for a noob? The outfit comes in 2 version. One is with longer skirt and the other is with upper ankle skirt. Oh i love the belt. Satisfied of doing it really. And see the roses at the cloche/hijab ? Arent they sweet? The hijab is a modern kind of hijab inspired by women Malaysia who are so into that kinda hijab.

Since it has the 1920`s look , I tped myself to Old Berlin project sim and look what i got as a gift? An antique car. Good for photoshoot.

Then Mystie IMed for Cypris host meeting. I logged off and logged in as Qisreen ( No it is not complicated- no double personality-:P ) I stay for 1/2 hour and I had to logged off because finally my temprature increased. Phew.

See if you would like to purchase the dress, it is in Timbaktu Inc store, Downtown New York City
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