Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Design : Ramadhan Outfit


This coming Ramadhan (Holy month of fasting for muslim), I will start to design more on the fashion that I like to do most- modest stylish . Which is me.

Modest style does not only cater for the muslim avatar. Almost 2 years in designing pixel clothes , I had a few loyal clients who came from various background looking for modest and stylish but yet humble looking clothes for their avatars. I have a strict catholic client who says she wanted her avatar to wear what she wears in real. Less revealing clothes. She found my store when searching for the words "modest" in marketplace. I did put the key words "modest " in my market place information for the one which is modest.

And the hijab. I am not surprise to see that many of my clients who purchased the hijabs comes from Gorean RP background. It does not fit the purpose I did the hijab ..lol but it was interesting to know . However , I will try my best to design hijabs that shows the real meaning of wearing hijab and that a muslim lady like me also wears stylish clothings with stylish hijabs. That is what I wear in real now. So I wont be making any Black Burqa with high split to show the legs..lol or Abaya.

So be hold of another stylish muslimah apparel on the grid (as I know Sakinah store also have the same collection.,..her is great!)...;)

The Ramadhan Outfit is only available at Timbaktu Store at Downtown New York city
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