Sunday, July 29, 2012

Deleting Hidayah`s account

I have a premium account in Secondlife named as hidayah resident. I love her cause she bears my name and because ..well she is premium.

The drawback of having hidayah is that , she has been hacked before. Someone was using her to do stuff I did not do. I did not even realized until a friend asked me in such a way that really hurts me. It sounded like I am such a bad person.

At first ,no lindens were stolen so it seems that I was not having a big issue when i reported the crime . Whats the proof? None. If Linden Lab has something like gmail or youtube have, where they can detact if you are logging from a different country, they will ask you. But what if the culprit is from the same country as me? The only reassurance that I get was they will investigate and tell the suspected avatar that she has been suspect of using hidayah. Sound silly right?

Yesterday I received a call from my bank that there was an attempt to charge me for RM 400.00 from! Whaaaaa?..RM 400.00 is way to much if you are guessing its the membership `s renewal payment. The weird thing is that the charge was cancelled and I was charged later with RM 100.00. What is that? NO.. i did not purchase any lindens through my card. I get enough lindens with my sales in Nova.

Enough. Fact has proof one thing for sure that online transaction is not safe for me.It might be for you but not for poor me. Its too sad that I need to delete hidayah, an avatar that bears my name. She dont go out much in Secondlife. She only stay at home but at least I am a premium member with her.

Bye-bye premium membership.

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