Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank you for being there

Waiting for you..

 I feel mushy wooshi. Silly always.However this is a very special dedication to certain people that I have met in Secondlife. Feel like I am about to win an award or something when I drafted this post..hahah.

Anyways..first and foremost. Thank you to my loyal customers who keep on buying my designs especially the hijabs. I would not keep on logging  and designing stuff in SL if not because of my customers keep on buying.I am now gathering all the names of the avatars that had bought stuff from me. I need to made a very special V.I.P gift. I almost give up creating and designing but the IMs or notecards asking when I would made new hijabs or modest clothings make me change my mind. You have no idea how you had keep me motivated , my dear lovely customers.

And secondly to Manaaf (sorry dude, you are no.2 ..nothing personal its just bussiness)..If it is not because of you and also Maya Sharpshire who pick me up from the street after I had run away from my vampire clan ( I joined the Scarlett Thorn within 14 days as a noob and quitted after 1 week inside the clan..) and teach me how to do some business in  SL, I think I would not find what is the excitement in SL that can make me stay. Manaaf, you are always there to inspire me and truly a very good friend. Unlike me, who always detach personal emotional feeling , you will always treasured our friendship throughout these years. You will find them if they run away. I really learn something from you..Learn to keep the friendship . And I feel the sweetness of the friendship when I met you and your wife Lenny in real. I feel so close to both of you.

And to my Malaysian friends- Lim, Kaera , Aldina, Apiz, Juan, Rock etc..I dont know WHEN can we make a special  gathering to meet with each other in real. I mean come many of us here in SL and we all are so nearby to each other? We need to do the gathering soon. You are among the Malaysian friends who avoid drama and I am grateful especially to Lim who keeps on giving me opportunity to do bussiness in SL with my video.

Friends and family of Cypris Chat Village . Cypris is very close to my heart although I am not much active as I used to be . In Cypris I met my lovely sister in Islam Mero and Dana. I met Mystie, Professor, Basho and many more.These people are among person who feed you with amazement.

And  now to lovey dovey and romantic mood...(love song pleaseee!) To that new special platonic partner of mine....(faint sound of piano playing the tune "Love Letter"in the background)..or did we just go to the next level?I would really like to thank you for your willingness and  efforts to make it work. In my most romantic imagination , you are like the safety pins to the baby diapers..(background sound: record scratch). I am so glad that Linden Lab has put the partner box only in generic terms. You made me laugh in real and tears with your jokes. Made me smile until i hurt my face when I listen to your happy stories and ached my heart when I listened to the sad ones.Corrected my bad pronunciation when I speak so that I now sound like an Aussie cause you are an Aussie in this rp. Teach me new words each day.."platonic..real fake real.." I am so glad that I had asked your help.

oh my back!

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