Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally a Main Store.

This is Naomei- one of gifts that I truly treasured. She is the greeter cause she can say hello and cracker.


Al hamdulilah, praise all to Allah SWT. Despite with a little test of health during Ramadhan , I was blessed with peace and harmony in real. Maybe sickness did washed away your little sins (eg: talking bad behind people without realizing), we Muslim believe that.I don`t know how to describe the feeling but it definitely felt much more lighter..emotionally and physically. Maybe I was worn out with my Real job and did not have a good rest.

Anyway, finally , I found a humble land for my humble main store. I am really not sure how many avatar it can have at one time but traffic is not my main point. I mean, of course I do care if people comes to the store. However , I am not looking for any big event a the main store it self. It might be just some little tea party with friends and loyal customers. Thats all. As you can see, the store itself is very shabby and homey. That is me. How awful it might look to others..I can call it as my Store Sweet Store, lol. Besides it feel good to have your own land (although by renting) and see your store name on top of the land info.

So of course the store and the little forest infron of it is open to public without limitation. I put some design which I called as Style Covered edition. Here is the landmark . Please enjoy your stay.

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