Saturday, December 10, 2011

Angel and Leeya


These two are now available in-world at Timbaktu Inc store here . I know the link keep on changing cause I received one IM from a kind lady asking where exactly is my shop. She used several links that I posted here and keep on landing on an empty land. The last one she tped to was the correct sim but underwater (as I had moved the store to the sky). I apologize for all the difficulties  caused. I was looking for the best spot for my small store..I think I will settled at the current spot here unless Lim decided to increase the tiers due to..increase in Malaysian petrol perhaps *nudge Lim*

Anyways, Angel was my old design which I had never tried to sale. But I found it and wear it and add some accesories..then I think..why not sell it. It come with the nice hijab which the texture was made by a Malay guy called Manaf Resident. He is the owner of Little Virtual Asia sim which attached next to my store.It is one of the coolest sim to voice chat and hang out. It got cinema...clubs ,kopitiam,restaurant and of course fashion store. Feel just like in some part of KL,Tokyo or Taiwan there. 

While Leeya is one of my designs for my Fall Winter 2012 Collections..I takes me like whole week just to make Leeya due to my RL commitments and also..I was so preoccupied with playing my bots in Secondlife. I blame Manaf for introducing me to metabolt.

These outfit will be available at Secondlife Marketplace soon and here is the website for my store at marketplace.

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