Sunday, December 25, 2011

Melur Skin & Shape

Melur Skin & Shape

Asian skin is not all about fair , milky looks and small eyes. In the South East Asia where Austronesia people inhabits Brunei, Malaysia, Philipines ,Thailand, Indonesia, or Vietnam , we are mostly lightly brownish or yellowish tanned with dark/black hair .Although the looks may differ due to mix of ethnics . So Timbaktu Skin and Shape ( or I dont know maybe I will give another name) will cater to that tone colours of skin of exotic Asian.

Dress- Zaara (Strawberry)


Skin- Timbaktu Inc (Melur Light Brown)

Shape- Timbaktu Inc (Melur)

Sim- Max Studio - Timbaktu Inc Main Store

Morph- Flying Birds and Island

The skin will be on the shelves sooon...(puffing her way..only wish i had moreeeee holidays!)

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