Monday, January 2, 2012

Melur & Cempaka Sari Skin- Asian Austonesian Skins

Extending Brands.

Melur is not my first attempt for skin making. I had Tipah skin but I take it out from the shelves because I was not satisfied with the result.

Melur is much more better. And I received positive comments that the skin is good even if I am new in skin-making. 

I know my price is low and I don`t mind at all . I just enjoy seeing people wearing my clothes and skin product. 

Melur came with 3 different skin tones- Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown and with 5 lipstick tattoo layers you can choose from. The price is only 200L.

While Cempaka Sari -Light Tan is a package containing 3 different make-up with a shape (modifiable) and it is only 100L. I really wish that i could make the hair so the package can be complete..but oh well..I am not patient enough.

And in my store at the moment , there is a group gift of Mawar skin-Nude. Nude means I didnt apply make-up so you can have tattoo layer over it.


Nova2009 Avril

Melur Vendor Cempaka Sari Vendor

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