Thursday, January 26, 2012

I`m so dull and boring

Just a random post. Not a promotion about my pixel designs.New designs are stuck and stored in Photoshop.

Maybe I will finished off the design after all the videos from my clients are done. Not trying to say that I`m so highly demanded as a videographer in Secondlife*green puke*.But one paid job is big to me. I have one video waiting to be edited for Maanaf (my constant client and bro) , one pending video shoot for Jhames Kira , a proud owner of Puerto Rico sim (he already had paid in advanced- thank you Jhames) , one video shoot for Daron and Sazzy wedding ( I cant wait to do this one..the couples are so romantic and perfect for each other..sigh), one video shoot for Redskin football team and Jade had already paid me in advance (i am very excited about the prospect of making my 1st video on sport team..and of course the prospect of being surrounded by hot looking male!)..thank you Jade for giving me the opportunity and still waiting for a confirmation with one modeling agency for a video shoot. Need to confirm and book the schedule. If my time is not suitable then I have to suggest some friends of mine from the Machinimist group. They also have good skill as a machinimist and in effect most of them are better than me.And finally I have a constant 5 minutes video shoot for a spectacular person. I have to be honest with him in this post. When he said he will paid me 50USD..USD okaayy..not lindens for my task I WAS VERY skeptical. Who would  not ? Here you are a very noob machimist and suddenly out of no where a male avatar IMed you and said he would paid for the amount of 50USD . 50USD is like RM 250.00..okay..I can buy some SK-II product skin treatment or treat my family for nice dinner there. But he paid. I check paypal account and there is the money. But you see I have that paranoid type of thinking.I said to Maanaf, he must wanted me to do some hanky-panky stuff . I was imagine the title "My daily live as a master to my 10 slaves..." You know what I mean.

Last night my time , I was able to chat with him for 5 minutes cause he had to go to work. Having hearing what he wanted to do, I almost cried. Not cried in terrified. I was so touched and sad. The feeling that you got when you read a romantic sad novel by Nicholas Spark (if you are not gifted with that feeling then stop trying to imagine how I felt :P) So I am very honored sir ( a title out of respect and not because of SL BDMS or Gorean). So I only had to do 5 minutes or less and once the collection of his video are enough, I will made a private video only for him and his love ones. I hope the final result will not be too late. I pray for you .

Oh before i forgot, I will host a show on 27.1.2012 at 6 PM slt (for asian it will be like 28.1.2012 saturday morning ). The 1st guest for my show is my favourite blogger Strawberry Singh. I am also so honored that she agreed to be interviewed. For those of you who didnt know who she is ( I guess you dont read good blogs to refer on SL) here is her link

...Totally late for work atm. Poofing away..shusssh.

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