Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tips On Detacting an Alt in Secondlife

If you are here to read my post ,perhaps you have the experience of having that feeling of being surrounded by the same person but with different alts.

I dont mind at all my friends having alts (different account for another avatar) cause I have lots of alts myself. And when I know about metabolt that could generate bots , I create more so that I could do machinima with them . It is sometimes much more easier to dealt with bots to record a video. Bots controlled by you. They dont change skin suddenly when you are recording cause they suddenly think they forgot to show-off their latest skin or makes you wait for them to change hair which need to rezz for 20 minutes cause of their bad connections.

And I dont even care if my friends doesnt want to tell me about their alts. Its their right to have one and keep it secret. But with one condition,as long as that friend of mine is not trying to fool me (or her/himself) by logging into two viewers and start to chat with me with two avatars with the intention to play around. And seriously babe, i cant understand why some people need an avatar to praise herself. I mean that is totally weird.

So how do you detect this alts? I mean not by the gadgets that can show their IPs thing on their head. I got certain hud given by a friend that I met at sandbox (never down estimate noob looking avatar) that enables me to tell same IPs but seldom wear it cause I was worried it will break the TOS of Secondlife. I also know about the function of RedZone ..which I dont know if it is still in the market. But how do you detect alts manually without gadget?

I gathered some tips and opinions from some people and here are the list:

1) Pattern of chat and types : a friend says the way people chat and types has a pattern like a signature. You can detect the pattern (if you are focus enough) even though that person tries to change it. Detact the dots and ending of sentence. Detect the words that the person like to use and match it. Human has a typical vocabulary that he/she keeps on saying (or type ) . That person might be careful at first but when you chat along and he /she tends to know.

2) The avatar`s appearance : I dont know how far this is true but yeah when i looked at all my alts , most of them are females and all of them with black /dark brown hair and tanned.but what if I suddenly feel to choose a fury avatar. How do you detect me?Go and read further down

3) Give Inventory offer : I have tried this and it sometimes work and does not work. Mostly it work with Phoenix Viewer. Why ? I have no idea. I had suspected ( ya ya Im full of suspection) that I am talking with two female avatar who are played by the same lady friend of mine. So applying the tips from a friend, I send a clothing to her avatar let us name as A . The chat told me that A had received the inventory offer. Later I then give the inventory offer to avatar B whom I suspected is her alt. The local chat (which I only can read) told me A had received my inventory offer. I was not satisfied. I sent again to B. The same thing happen. It was stated that A had received the inventory. But on condition, you must make sure the avatars are standing near to each other. The near the better .

4) Ask them to click the streaming button : I never had tried this but you can know others IP by playing the stream media.

5) Watch over their logging time : This is definately not my choice cause I always dont have enough time. But this is how a close friend of mine try to detect whether C is my alts without me telling him. He said my logging time is constant with this C. Unfortunately it is not a successful presumption. You can check the logging time in the groups that they joined and compared.

6) Watch the white dot : Hah! I dont know why but this is my favourite part. If you logged into two account in one computer you wont be able to have one account with white dot on top of your head right? One of your avatar will be muted or deaf. So if I was using voice and asked a question in voice to any of them and then suddenly this deaf avatar can type the answer for you..jeng..jeng..jeng..the truth is out there.

So what else...? If you have anymore tips then just put in the comments.
But what the fuss about people playing alts right? Let them enjoy their life. Me myself even just play along with friends who never wants to admit even I had asked. So if they want to talk with their avatar let them be happy with it.Maybe in real nobody wants to praises them or talk to them .

..Hemm where is my Malaysianboi resident. I want to make him propose me in chat groups..woot that would be sooo sensational. Going to log him now...

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