Monday, December 12, 2011

Attempt of Interactive Clothings

Luna is my first attempt of an interactive clothing. Her coat can be detach by someone who you permits/allows to detach.

If that person touch the coat, a menu will pop-up to your screen and will ask you if you allow it. If you do, the coat will disappear.

It is good as Role-playing , I guess. It is up to you . If I role-play with this clothes..well it must be with a guy who is very gentleman to take off my coat when I had arrived at a romantic restaurant for a dinner. Or perhaps later i turn into a vampiress and suck his blood ..he should know by the look of the coat.

 .Secondlife used to be a land where vampire roams everywhere even in infohub to recruit noobs. But i guess lately they are in the low profile side and let the Goreans take over. We human are the rare species in SL..i tell you.

SO..*flapping her coat* Mvy  vercious little safe..vwhereever vyou var..!Ark..ark..ark

Here is the link to my store here and you can check out it out at marketplace too here.

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